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Say hello to the star attraction of your next spooky soiree: our Animated Fortune Teller. We see many hauntingly captivated guests in your future. Have a seat across from her, if you dare, and watch with nervous anticipation as she casts a worried eye over her tarot cards and begins to predict great prosperity or… well… the less-promising alternatives. In a frightfully real experience, her hand moves back and forth over the cards, eyes light up and her mouth moves as she speaks five different fortunes.


She is dressed to thrill in a silky purple dress, colorful head-wrap, and lots of gold bangle bracelets. A wickedly expressive face makes her one convincing character.



Animated Fortune Teller Rental

    • Life-size, animated, fortune teller figure, perfect for Halloween
    • Create a big, interactive scare at your next Fright Night affair
    • Eyes glow white, mouth moves, and she speaks five haunting phrases
    • "Let me cast my seeing eye into the foggy mists of your future! Ah very interesting. Here I see the promise of love in your future, and here it shows the chance of fortune... but alas you are to have only bad luck. Five dollars, please."
    • "The cards have been dealt, guided by the great beyond... this says you could have everything your heart desires – a loving family, wealth, and health... but alas you are a fool and are your own worst enemy. You shall have none of it, poor thing."
    • "Ahhh, so you want to look into your future? Be careful what you wish for. While I see the promise of great fortune and wealth dancing around you, there is one particular trait that stands out above the rest... bad luck."
    • "I tell the fortune for those who seek it. I have been lucky enough to portend fame! Wealth! Happiness... to most. In your case though, it appears a cloud of bad luck is headed your way. Better settle your affairs, sweetie!"
    • "Ahh very interesting; here I see the promise of love in your future, and HERE it shows the chance of fortune! But alas, you are to have neither – only the worst of luck. Too bad."
    • Figure features long gray hair and a realistic face and hands
    • Highly detailed costume of quality fabrics
    • Includes complete figure and red felt table mat, imprinted with card designs
    • Designed to be placed at a standard-height table (not included)
    • Equipped with on, off, and motion/sound activation settings
    • Convenient volume control
    • Plugs into any standard outlet


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