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In Disney’s Moana, Heihei, is the world’s dumbest chicken. There’s no one upstairs. The lights are off. He blatantly lacks the minimum skills necessary for basic self-preservation. Still, Moana refuses to let him be eaten—she’s a good person and imagines Heihei possesses an inner strength that has yet to be discovered. However, when Heihei becomes an accidental stow-away on Moana’s canoe, he is a constant complication, continually finding ways to put himself in danger.Relive the adventures of Disney’s Moana with Squeeze and Scream HeiHei! Squeeze Heihei’s belly and hear his hilarious scream, just like the movie. Squeeze & Scream HeiHei is made of soft plastic and is perfect for any Moana fan.Dimensions (Overall): 12 inches (H) x 16 inches (W) x 14 inches (L)

Moana Squeeze and Scream HeiHei Rental

  • Dimensions (Overall): 12 inches (H) x 16 inches (W) x 14 inches (L)

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