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This 6ft Skeleton is

  • Animated
  • IR sensor activated
  • Adapter Type: 5.9V 3.0A (included)
  • Cord Length: 9.8 feet
  • Dimensions: 72” H x 28" W x 32.4” D
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Note: Recommended for use in covered areas
  • Product Sayings:
    •  “Your host is not here right now. They're busy burying something in the backyard. But we’ll have loads of fun while they are gone. Hahahah! The night is young, and I’m ready to party! Are you?"
    • “You best be careful where you tread on this dark night, you don’t know WHO you will run into. Creatures and creepy-crawlies lurk out from every shadow. Why, I was just hiding in your closet with the other skeletons. Perhaps we let them ALL out for some fun Ha ha ha ha!"
    • “Ahh you look like death warmed over my friend. This is good! Soon there will be enough of us...and we will terrorize the living until we own this night! Are you with me? Halloween is ours!"

This prop must be delivered and installed by La Vie Posh

6ft Skeleton Rental

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