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A must for a Halloween party or a Princess and the Frog party. How about Harry Potter? Add this toad to The Frog Choir for your next Hogwarts party. Do your remember there was a singing group of Hogwarts students conducted by Professor Filius Flitwick? They usually practised in the Great Hall. The choir is quite talented, being able to both sing fluently in Latin as well as polyphonically.The Hogwarts orchestra, also conducted by Filius Flitwick plays alongside the Frog Choir sometimes.


Sitting still with his eyes bulging out, this creepy black frog is sure to stand out in your Halloween décor. You can place this amphibian in your garden area, teamed with other creepy-crawly accents.


Black Toad Rental

  • Details:

    • Black
    • 10" x 9" x 7" (25.4cm x 22.86cm x 17.78cm)
    • Latex
  • 1 available

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