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Embrace the beauty of sequins with our Oversize Teardrop Payette Sequin Tablecloths! Each tablecloth features large, oval, metallic Teardrop Payette Sequins stitched onto a mesh backing. Each sequin is secured from one point to give the tablecloth an overall radiant and organic flow. Oversize Teardrop Payette Sequin Tablecloths are perfect for bringing a dramatic flare to your wedding cake tables, wedding tablecloths, quinceañeras, bridal showers, baby showers, or any other special event.

Teardrop Payette Sequins are meant to flow and follow the draping of their mesh backing. Because of this Oversize Teardrop Payette Sequin Tablecloths may seem to have sparse patches, but they can be easily remedied by smoothing the sequins to lay flat and cover any sparse areas.

Fabric: Sequin on Mesh Base

Color: Navy Blue

Size: 90″x132″ seamless (rounded corners)

Sequin Size: 38 mm

Teardrop Payette Navy Sequin Tablecloth – Rental

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