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What's an Event Stylist?

In a world where dreams come true,
Event Stylists bring magic to view.
With colors and themes, they craft delight,
Creating parties that shine so bright.

With flair and grace, they plan and scheme,
Transforming spaces to a wondrous dream.
From events grand to birthdays small,
They weave enchantment for one and all.

With balloons floating, and banners high,
They paint a scene that makes hearts fly.

Hours upon hours, they invest their time, 
Working tirelessly to make it sublime.
Attention to detail, their guiding creed,
to fulfill each wish, they take the lead.

From selecting hues that perfectly blend,
to arranging flowers, their passion doesn't end.
And oh, the joy they feel inside,
when smiles and laughter fill the tide.
Children's faces gleam with pure delight, 
as their dreams take flight, shining so bright. 

For Event Stylists, it's more than a task, 
it's the happiness they bring, no question to ask.
So here's to the stylists, the creators of glee, 
whose dedication and talent we see. 
They make memories, beautiful and grand, 
crafting celebrations, in Wonderland. 

May their passion never fade away,
as they bring magic, with each new day.
For in their hands, moments are made,
creating joy that will never fade. 

                                                -Lisa Maciel


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