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This soft tablecloth ensures your table is touchably soft and draped in luxury. Velvet tablecloths uphold a strong feeling of luxe elegance that elevates party designs and makes any moment feel truly special. As such, velvet table coverings have become the go-to choice for event planners and venue decorators alike, as well as those in the hotel and restaurant industry. This is because the catering and wedding industry requires high performing materials that look great and hold up to multiple uses. That's where our rectangular velvet tablecloths come in to play. Whether draping the tables at your seminar, demonstration, and trade show, or enhancing the upscale vibe of banquet and dessert tables.

Lavender Velvet Rectangular Tablecloth - Rental

  • Material: Velvet

    Size: Approx. 90"x132" Seamless

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